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Receivables Management

Leveraging four decades of customer engagement and the latest technologies

Used by Fortune 100 companies


AR Contact Solutions

Contact center customer engagement can take many forms. From billing inquiries and account management to payments and up-sell opportunities, Waypoint agents serve as customer advocates to safeguard your brand and reputation. These soft skills allow us to establish and nurture positive relationships with your customers, regardless of age (millennials to seniors), with a multi-channel contact strategy that includes self-service portals, web chat, web forms, email, and phone.

Late Payment Solutions

Missed payments happen. Waypoint late payment solutions are built around quickly identifying the difference between regularly paying customers who may simply need late payment forgiveness and customers who may be headed toward nonpayment of their accounts. Regardless of the situation, we work with your customers to guide them back to current account status and empower them with information and positive encouragement to remain in good standing.

Recovery Account Solutions

Now more than ever, bad credit can happen to good customers. Waypoint’s default AR management solutions are tailored to repair and preserve the customer relationship whenever desired and whenever possible. We understand, however, that customer default relationships don’t always lead to future business. Regardless, Waypoint agents work to safeguard your brand reputation and recover the maximum amount possible in our compliance-centric environment.

Specialty Services

Your particular collection need may not fit into a specific category which is why we can help customize a recovery program to meet your particular needs all while ensuring compliance and delivering an exceptional customer experience

First Party Services

Motivating a slow paying customer to satisfy their account and avoid an involuntary end of services can salvage a customer however collecting a past due payment while reestablishing the value of the services can create greater lifetime value for both you and the customer.  We help create long lasting paying customers.

Why are we

About us

Established as a premier provider in accounts receivable management, we specialize in developing customized solutions for your business. What sets us apart? It’s our commitment to quality. We understand the value of your brand equity and strive to preserve it. Balancing effective recovery programs with positive customer engagement, we prioritize one-on-one problem-solving with clients while maintaining integrity and reputation. It’s people talking to people, and it works.

Business in number

Dollars Under Management

Industries Served


Our HIPAA compliant customer centric approach helps motivated more payments.

Commercial Collections

Often times the most difficult area to collect from. We focus on finding the right person and building manageable solutions to get accounts resolved faster.


We are a leader in the telecommunications industry. While our chief goal is to recovery outstanding receivables, we are also sensitive to a potential future customer return relationship.

Municipalities / Government

Governmental entities are under immense pressure to meet budgets and manage to their constituents.  We help make the management of receivables easy and work with past due consumers to get past due monies collected quickly and happily.


We help both find unfound consumers and then help create payment solutions to restore lost monies.

Debt Buyers

We partner with debt buyers to maximize their investment and resolve more collections more quickly.  We can white label our services or stand as a third party as needed.