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WE ARE YOUR SELF-PAY SOLUTION… and here are a few reasons why………..

 Thank you for visiting our Site; we appreciate your interest.  While this Site offers a basic outline of our services and our approach, in the end, it is just a Website, which doesn’t begin to express the drive, energy, and passion we feel in regards to our service.  What makes us different, what separates us from other agencies, what drives results, how do we feel toward and treat your patient base, how we feel about you getting paid for services provided, why would it benefit you to do business with Prince Parker.  We would much prefer to talk with you, exchange ideas, listen, to better understand your needs, and thru problem solving, as a result of our conversation, provide solutions for you and your staff.  However, since the Website is where you have landed, we will do our very best to put into writing the passion that we have toward our job, our service, and your practice.

Prince Parker is a North Carolina based Company that has been serving customers for over twenty five years.  We are not the biggest A/R management service in our City, State, or Country and have no desire to be, however, we are licensed throughout the US and serve some of the largest Companies in the World. By serving large clients we have learned valuable lessons over the years, and as a result have continually refined our process to put us in a position to be the top producing agency month in and month out for multiple clients.  We know this because many of our clients provide comparative batch analysis to us on a monthly basis reporting how we are doing against our competitors.  The clients provide the information based on placement, recoveries, and customer service analysis.  We consistently win, and with much incentive, as our bonus, commission rates, and amount of placement is determined by who comes in first, and who doesn’t.

We are consistently first, and I can share reports to back up this claim, because of a proven tested process.  While I could impress you with many bells and whistles that our competitors are quick to point out, I won’t, the truth is, as complicated as things have become in the world, the A?R management is really still quite simplistic, you roll up your sleeves, and work, every day.  You talk to people, you listen to people, and you resolve issues.  Don’t misunderstand me, we score, scrub, letter, and utilize dialer campaigns, but in the end it all comes down to one person talking to another person trying to provide solutions to willing people on how to get a bill paid, regardless if it is first party, pre-collect, or a collection account.

I believe in our staff, they work extremely hard in a very tough job, and they produce results on a daily basis.  Scoring is done, but many times the scoring leaves out the patient with extremely good values that knows the right thing to do is to pay their bill, even though they may reside in a rural area that doesn’t provide a good score based on a zip code or demographic, working those accounts, which means working all accounts placed, provides the difference of coming in first, not second or beyond.  Letters are great, required by law, but they really don’t collect bills, people do. Fancy, predictive dialer campaigns are wonderful, we have them all, we utilize CR Software, one of the top rated in the industry, but if all you are doing is dialing, then you are leaving revenue on the table, nobody thinks and creates strategies like a well qualified representative, that is why we dial and work manual, creating a HYBRID approach, it requires more time and energy, but produces better results for you, our valued client.  It is really the little things that can help to maximize recoveries, taking shortcuts however is not one of those things.

You and I both realize that self-pay is a very fast growing, labor intensive concern.  We are fully equipped to provide solutions for you and your staff, solutions that maximize recovery, while keeping the equally important issue of patient treatment and integrity in mind. It is so difficult to keep preaching recovery, recovery, out of one side of our mouth, while all the time preaching, no complaints out of the other side, it is difficult, but it is required, you don’t want complaints, and neither do we, they are time consuming and unproductive, so we do everything possible to avoid them, it isn’t easy, it’s our job. We work hard at it, and if any questions do arise, we can always pull the recording as we record all calls, the collectors, are also very aware of this practice.

The last time we checked, we learned that it is very costly to become a physician, to open and equip an office, to staff a clinic, practice, hospital or whatever the case, our point is, it’s costly, therefore when you provide service to a patient, you should get paid, that is our perspective. While we don’t claim to, and will not recover everything you may potentially turn over to our office, I can assure you that we will do everything possible to manage your A/R, or as you know we won’t get paid, as we like most agencies, Prince Parker is a contingency based service.

Externally provided reports prove that our process works, we would like to put that process to work for you, we will simply, work your business.  Our desire is to become an extension of your office, providing the man hours and expertise required to maximize your recoveries.  We provide qualified IT that makes doing business with us very easy, and a customer service staff who provide daily interaction and communication with your staff.

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, we would like the opportunity to speak with you to exchange ideas and produce solutions for your self pay issues.  Solutions that are results based, solutions that include your staff and our staff working together toward a common goal, however that may sound, the truth is, that is what is required today to meet the demands Medical Facilities are facing in regard to your growing self pay numbers.  Again we are not the biggest, if that is what you are looking for, there are plenty of those out there, we’d like to think of ourselves as big enough to handle your account, but small enough to pay attention to it…..  on a daily basis, because today, more than ever, every dollar counts.

We want your business, we want to represent you, we want to be the best agency you have done business with to date, we want to succeed with you, we believe in our ability, we know our process produces results, we know we will be an asset to you and your staff, all we ask is for the opportunity to prove this to you.  So this is our message, it just can’t begin to express the passion we have toward our job.  Respectfully, please find the time to speak with us so we can find a mutual solution to your self pay concerns.

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